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The ‘IWA 29: Professional farmer organizations – Guidelines’ provides a common language for all stakeholders in the agricultural sector on the key characteristics of a professional farmer organization. Its purpose is to support professionalism leading to improved performance and access to finance and markets and to align visions and interventions of stakeholders in their efforts to professionalize farmer organizations.


The Global Guidelines Working Group initiated the process to develop and publish the IWA 29 with NEN and ISO. Now, this Working Group is laying the groundwork to publish the Guidelines as an International Standard.




Download our IWA 29 mapping tool

Align your own tools and approaches to the IWA 29 with our freely available mapping tool. This is a great first step for those looking to have their materials considered for inclusion in the AMEA Toolbox. It may also be useful as a mechanism to integrate the IWA 29 into your monitoring and evaluation systems.

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