Theory of Change

AMEA in 2021

31 members & partners
5 Local Networks
2m farmers reached

Collaboration to design scalable approaches

AMEA has already put in place the foundations to enable scalable approaches to be designed (the IWA 29 and  the AMEA toolbox) but we have not yet seen rapid scaling of these approaches. AMEA supports its members and partners to learn about what inhibits large scale adoption of tools, pilot systematic approaches which improve service delivery and cost effectiveness and generate shareable evidence.

Collaboration to scale up use of approaches

Scaling up can only be achieved by partnerships with institutional organisations. AMEA is engaging with various relevant stakeholder groups but the value of the AMEA approach is not yet recognised. AMEA will continue to show how the AMEA Framework contributes to professionalising farmer organisations in an evidence driven and cost effective way.

Changes in the market ecosystem

The AMEA recommended tools are proven to be effective and generate data that is credible and comparable. We believe that widespread use of the AMEA approach will create systematic change in the delivery of business development services (BDS) to professional farmer organisations. For an in-depth explanation of the changes we expect to see, read our Theory of Change document (available below).

Expected impact

By 2030 we hope to see farmers receiving improved and coordinated business development services which enables their Farmer Organisations and Agri-SMEs to create added value for them. AMEA will provide a supportive ecosystem for farmer organisations and agri-SMEs through our vibrant network of members and partners delivering collaborative system change strategies around the world.

AMEA in 2030

100 members & partners
20 Local Networks
50m farmers reached