Meet AgNexus, our new Local member

AMEA is excited to announce that three new members have joined us in the last few months. We welcome AFAP (African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership), Farm Africa and AgNexus to our growing network. Below, we get to know AgNexus who joins us as a local member in Kenya.

AgNexus joins us as a Local Private Sector Member in Kenya. Using over 50 years of market research experience, combined with local knowledge and expertise, AgNexus provides data-driven insights into the opportunities available in the agriculture sector. Their localized expertise assists organizations in developing and executing business plans.

Another exciting AgNexus offering is AgriTrack™, which offers insights into farmer spending behaviors in Kenya. This project collects monthly data from agrovet dealers, providing comprehensive information on market trends and the agricultural landscape.

We are honored to become part of this esteemed global consortium, which boasts a suite of proven methodologies from diverse landscapes. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to harness shared experiences and cultivate collaborative growth initiatives. Our primary goal is to empower agro-dealers, who play an instrumental role in the agricultural input distribution chain, ensuring they succeed as essential sources of knowledge for smallholder farmers.

John Muthee, Managing Director, AgNexus

AgNexus currently operates in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania but has ambitions to reach more farmers and clients in East and West African countries. AMEA will be supporting AgNexus to test out the Last Mile Retailer approach in East Africa and comparing the learning to other member initiatives.

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