In order to scale up and advance progress on the development of professional farmer organizations, the sector needs systemic change. This change starts by all stakeholders agreeing on and speaking a common language. Based on this common language, capacity developers use assessment tools with the farmer organizations they work with to measure levels of professionalism and to identify gaps for improvement. Training and coaching sessions are then tailored to respond to the identified gaps and executed by highly qualified trainers and coaches, who are experienced in understanding the tools and curricula in the AMEA Toolbox.




AMEA works with members and partners to identify the best sites for testing innovations and improving systemic approaches. The Tool Improvement Facility is an example of how AMEA is stimulating innovation in certain counties and value chains.


You can also contact AMEA to learn more about the right combination of assessments and curricula that offers the most effective approach to strengthen farmer organisations. Browse our latest case studies to see the AMEA Toolbox in practice.

  • APPROVED Assesment Tools

    SCOPE Basic
    SCOPE Pro
    SCOPE Input Retailer

  • approved Training materials

    Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP)
    ALP Bookkeeping Essentials
    Last Mile Retailer
    Agri Business Coaching (ABC)
    Sell More for More (SMFM)
    LINK Methodology
    Enhancing Development through Cooperatives (EDC)

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