We are pleased to announce that AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) has joined AMEA! AGRA is a farmer-centered, African-led, and partnerships-driven institute that is transforming Africa’s smallholder farming into businesses that thrive. AGRA aims to increase incomes and improve food security for smallholder farm households in Africa. Since its establishment in 2006, AGRA has reached over 22 million smallholder farmers in 18 African countries. The AGRA alliance has built systems and tools for Africa’s agricultural sector including high quality seeds, better soil health, access to markets and credit coupled by stronger farmer organizations and agriculture policies.


AGRA believes that agricultural transformation requires the right combination of policies, public sector investment and private sector engagement. The AGRA strategy is a combination of (1) Policy engagement and capacity building targeted at African governments, (2) Strengthening systems to boost farm productivity, value chain integration and access to markets for smallholder farmers and, (3) Creating partnerships for stronger alignment and coordinated investments in African agriculture.

In keeping with the role of AGRA as the catalyst for a uniquely African Green revolution, we are delighted to join AMEA to share common tools and resources in accelerating and developing this systemic change both at the agri-MSME and smallholder farmer level. AGRA believes that professionalization requires a coordinated effort to make a lasting impact in the agricultural sector. It is therefore important to take a coordinated approach by using the same metrics, data, and standards to measure the needs of these agri-enterprises as well as deploy targeted BDS therefore making the ecosystem more efficient and lowering the overall cost

Alfred Mwanyumba Orora, Inclusive Finance Officer at AGRA

AMEA looks forward to working with AGRA and facilitating new partnerships to take this important work further. For more information about AGRA, see their website or follow AGRA on LinkedIn.

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