Corus International joins AMEA!

We are excited to announce that Corus International is joining AMEA! Corus International is a family of organizations (including Lutheran World Relief) dedicated to bringing life-saving aid and long-term hope around the globe. Corus International connects disciplines, approaches and people to efficiently achieve wide and systematic impact.


The professionalization of farmers organizations is one of the cornerstones of Corus International’s rural economic development and livelihoods strategy. Through its subsidiary, Lutheran World Relief, Corus International partners with cooperatives and other farmer associations to improve crops, promote new techniques and tools to increase yield and attract higher-paying buyers.


Additionally, Corus International provides impact investing to affect systemic change in the agricultural sector through its other subsidiary, Ground Up Investing. Ground Up Investing is a for-profit impact-investing entity that develops agricultural, financial and marketing expertise in local economies as well as provides access to financial capital and investments in enterprises for local agribusinesses.

Corus International views smallholder supply chains as a critical link in alleviating rural poverty and bolstering the potential of enterprise-led development. We look forward to interacting with the AMEA Membership to exchange learnings and tools that can improve our current capacities in impact investment and rural livelihoods. We are especially focused on smallholder-dominated commodores such as coffee, cocoa, and sesame in Latin America and Africa

Paul Macek, Associate Vice President & Senior Technical Director, Rural Economies and Agricultural Livelihoods (REAL)

AMEA looks forward to supporting Corus International and facilitating new partnerships to take this important work further! For more information on Corus International, see their website or follow Corus  International on LinkedIn


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