Ghana Roadmap

AMEA does not have a Local Network in Ghana but an initial Roadmap process was made possible by leadership from AGRA, Agriterra and Rikolto. This draft Roadmap aims to support the development of synergies between current and planned agri-BDS initiatives; and establish a platform for action learning based on credible datasets. It is through this process that cost-effective agri-BDS can be developed and delivered at scale. This is how impact can be achieved and impact will attract more investment.


The following draft roadmap was developed:

Two significant initiatives were identified. One led by AGRA and one led by Agriterra. The BDS roadmap aims to develop synergies between the two and to crowd in members/partners to support and add to these initiatives. This Roadmap process is open to any organization which has a strategic and committed interest to improve BDS quality and scalability in Ghana.