The Ghana Local Network is officially launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Ghana Local Network on 25 April at the Solidaridad West Africa office. This is the result of nearly two years of consultation with stakeholders to define common purposes and unlock shared interests.

The event brought different organisations together, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Business Advisory Service Providers of Ghana (BASPAG) and Chamber of Agribusiness as well as national and international NGOs such as Agriterra, Rikolto, ACDI VOCA and Solidaridad.

Rikolto representative speaking at the Local Network Launch

The workshop was an opportunity to present the initial agenda for the Ghana Local Network including:

  • The shared vision, main objectives and key actions for the next two years
  • The current demand and supply of agri-business development services for farmer organisations and agri-SMEs
  • AMEA’s Agri-Business Development Services (BDS) roadmap and stakeholder commitment to its implementation

 As part of the launch, a panel discussion with Dr B.B. Bingab (Chairman of the Ghana Cooperative Council), William Darlie (Deputy Registrar of the Department of Cooperatives and the Agribusiness chamber) was held. Co-lead by Josephine Ecklu (Rikolto) and Habiba Agyemang (Agriterra), this panel allows insightful and inspiring exchange between stakeholders and a common agreement for stakeholder to exchange more and take action to strengthen collaboration, improve practices and approaches and learn from each other.

A memorandum of understanding was also signed between AMEA and the Chamber of Agribusiness of Ghana, who will be the local lead of the network.

Signing the memorandum between the Chamber of Agribusiness and AMEA

With a core group of committed members and partners, the Ghana Local Network will be an opportunity to tackle the challenges facing the agri-business sector through increased collaboration and more effective BDS interventions.

To learn more, join the Ghana Local Network as a local partner or contact our Ghana Local Network Facilitator!