ICCO STARS Case Study Terms of Reference

photo by: icco

We are looking for a consultant to develop a case study on the ICCO Cooperation (now Cordaid) STARS programme, with a focus on BDS and access to finance for farmer organisations. Deadline: 27 August 2021.


Every year, AMEA invests in case studies to support the learning and improvement of the AMEA approach and the tools promoted in the AMEA toolbox. This year, AMEA is looking to answer key questions posed by the Access to Finance Working Group about how targeted technical assistance and capacity building for farmer organisations enables farmers to build financial track records and access finance. 

AMEA sees an opportunity to answer some of these questions through a case study which looks at results from the five-year (2016-2020) Strengthening African Rural Smallholders’ (STARS) programme led by ICCO, an AMEA member. ICCO is now known as Cordaid following their merger in 2021. STARS operated in Senegal, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. 

AMEA is looking for a consultant to deliver a high quality case study in the coming months. Interested parties should submit a proposal which addresses the needs of this ToR. The proposal must include a detailed workplan and budget. Please submit your application by 27th August to info@ameaglobal.org. A round of interviews will be conducted in the week of 30th August and the consultant is expected to start work on 1st September. Please see below for the full Terms of Reference.