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The AMEA Kenya Local Network has 11 members and a range of partners. The network is working towards a coordinated approach to farmer organization professionalization. This means enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of farmer organizations for greater productivity. Achieving a high level of productivity means better living incomes for the smallholder farmer in Kenya. The Local Network members have prioritised the promotion of the IWA 29 as key to the adoption of AMEA tools in the country. Access to finance and Ag-Tech are also emerging as key topics.

focus areas

  • Promoting the IWA 29 and the uptake of AMEA tools to improve capacity building


  • Understanding the Business Development Services landscape in Kenya


  • Working with the Access to Finance Working Group and local financial institutions to improve access to the right finance for farmer organisations


  • Establishing connections with key stakeholders in the finance and ag-tech space to improve service provision to farmer organizations

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