We welcome Farm Africa as a member

AMEA is excited to announce that three new members have joined us in the last few months. We welcome Farm Africa, AFAP (African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership) and AgNexus to our growing network. Below, we get to know Farm Africa who joins us as a local member in Kenya.

Farm Africa works across East Africa, growing agriculture, protecting the environment and developing businesses in rural areas. Farm Africa helps farmers improve the quantity, quality and value of what they produce by helping farmers gain access to high-quality inputs, improve soil quality, conserve water and prepare for climate shocks. Beyond this, Farm Africa works to strengthen farming supply chains by working with farmers to build cooperatives, bolster first-mile businesses and support agri-businesses in accessing finance and training. Using expertise in participatory forest and rangeland management, Farm Africa also brings farmers, governments and other stakeholders together to make agreements on using natural resources sustainably, for the benefit of all.

Farm Africa is pleased to join AMEA to learn, network and contribute to the sustainable development of business development services globally

Stephen Kiiru, Business Manager (Cultivate)

The Farm Africa 2021 – 2025 strategy aims to reach over one million smallholder farmers and agro-pastoralists to increase their productivity,incomes and resilience, support at least 200 farmer groups and implement integrated landscape management projects in all countries of operations. As part of this strategy they have also taken a strategic approach to BDS market development with programs such as DECIDE. We look forward to supporting Farm Africa and learning from them.

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