Uganda Roadmap

Uganda is ahead of other countries in that it already has a National BDS Framework in place. This is available for download through the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The overall objective and pillars of the Framework are shown below.

The first movers under this Framework are AMI/PSFU who have enabled 2 BDS Standards to be developed and an accreditation process to be started. At the same time MAAIF is working with UFAAS and AMEA to develop a pluralistic extension worker accreditation system which can serve the ambition of the Parish Development Model approach. In 2024 AMEA will continue to work with UFAAS/MAAIF through Technical Working Groups and look for opportunities to link their work to the AMI/PSFU initiative. This Roadmap process is open to any organization which has a strategic and committed interest to improve BDS quality and scalability in Uganda.