We welcome ADC as a local member

We are happy to welcome the Agribusiness development Centre (ADC) as a new local member in Uganda! ADC focuses on improving the sustainability and self-sufficiency of Farmer Based Organisations and Cooperatives through capacity building and technical assistance in the areas of cooperative governance, financial literacy and financial management, access to markets and access to finance.


ADC works with different value chains including coffee, cotton, dairy & livestock, cocoa, horticulture and grains. Through regional Business Advisors located in offices across Uganda, ADC is in direct contact with Farmer Organisations to provide support, training, mentorship and follow -up. ADC training is organised into four core modules:


  1. History & Development of Cooperatives: orienting farmers on the history of Cooperatives in Uganda and how they have developed into major agribusiness players
  2. Governance & Leadership: securing the future of cooperatives through good leadership
  3. Financial Literacy: equipping farmers with financial skills from both an individual and cooperative perspective
  4. Marketing: addressing marketing challenges and ensuring farmers are prepared to market their produce

LWF Uganda is very excited to join AMEA and be among the best possible tribe there is in the business with a mission of enabling farmers to make the best out of their agribusiness investments

Paul Onyait, DINU-LEWU Consortium Coordination Team, LWF

Beyond training, ADC is working on new ways to address key challenges facing farmers. In the wake of COVID-19, ADC has developed SOMA – a self-paced online portal tailored to the needs of individual farmers and cooperatives, which provides knowledge in areas such as Good Governance, Financial Literacy and Marketing.


ADC has also worked to digitise milk deliveries systems and help farmers build a credit history. This work is accompanied by ADC’s eMATA app which provides credit to farmers at reasonable interest rates.


AMEA looks forward to learning from ADC’s approach to advancing Farmer Organisations and supporting them to scaling their work. For more information about ADC, see their website or follow ADC on LinkedIn.


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