We welcome FUNDER as a local member

We are pleased to introduce the Foundation for Rural Business Development (FUNDER), a new local member in Honduras!

GFUNDER’s mission is to promote participatory rural business development processes through efficient and effective training, technical assistance and access to credit for rural savings banks, micro-enterprises, agribusiness and renewable energy initiatives.

FUNDER works in rural communities in Honduras in partnership with the public and private sectors, as well as international organizations. FUNDER supports smallholder farmers to become commercial producers and entrepreneurs through technical assistance, business management, producer exchanges and improving production. FUNDER’s Agribusiness Center provides field-level services in different value chains (such as coffee, cocoa and horticulture). FUNDER also works to extend financial services to producers. The rural banks developed by FUNDER specialize in finance, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.

For FUNDER, it is essential to articulate synergies and complement agendas with specialized allies such as members of the AMEA NETWORK. These spaces allow greater learning and exchange of knowledge and therefore a greater impact on the actions we develop with rural families.

Angel Meza, Agribusiness Manager, FUNDER

FUNDER has also introduced the “Digital Ecosystem for Honduras”, a platform which provides up-to-date information on technological and digital products which producer organizations can use to improve their operations. This includes digital agro-services, virtual technical assistance and digital financial services.

AMEA looks forward to working closely with FUNDER in Honduras to promote effective and efficient support for agri-SMEs!

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