Ethiopia Roadmap

In Ethiopia there has been an excellent, multi-stakeholder process and a detailed Roadmap for 2023-2025 developed. This Roadmap is now owned and led by the Ethiopian Business Advisory Service Providers Association (EBASPA). The seven pillars of this Roadmap are:


  1. Quality of Agri-BDS provision benchmarked
  2. Online portal for BDS services, providers, and other stakeholders developed
  3. National agri-BDS standards developed and shared with all stakeholders
  4. BDS code of ethics developed and shared among providers and potential users
  5. National system to train, qualify, accredit, and/or certify agri-BDS providers established
  6. Enabling policies and regulation for BDS instituted by lobbying government bodies
  7. Varied pricing mechanisms and payment models established to incentivize FOs to pay for BDS

In 2024 AMEA will continue to work with EBASPA to support implementation of this Roadmap in collaboration with USAID/MS4G and GIZ/GOPA. This Roadmap process is open to any organization which has a strategic and committed interest to improve BDS quality and scalability in Ethiopia.