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The Local Network in Tanzania was established in 2024 and is led by the Association of Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF). There are over 2,000 agricultural cooperatives with over 1.8 million members in Tanzania. These are primarily smallholder farmers. Tanzania is pursuing the Agenda 10/30 for agricultural transformation through commercialization. To achieve this goal, the government, through the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC), is collaborating with stakeholders to develop national BDS guidelines to standardize services nationwide.


AMEA seeks to contribute to these objectives by addressing key issues, such as the reliability and quality of Business Development Service (BDS), BDS cost, enabling environment for BDS providers, demand for BDS, and coordination of BDS providers (BDSPs).

FOcus AReas

  • Awareness of International Standard targeting adoption in 2025


  • Launch Learning into Action. Complete 2 case studies. Conduct National Dialogue, with a focus on accreditation systems


  • Facilitate Policy Analysis study on BDS ecosystem development


  • Collaborate with JICA/GoT BDSP project

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