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The Local Network in Rwanda was established in 2024 and is led by the Rwanda Institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurships, and Microfinance (RICEM). It aims to build from Rwanda’s current Agriculture Strategy (2018-2024), which has a strong focus on agricultural market development, especially high value crops in the horticultural sector. The changing market system requires farmers’ adherence to standards for access to global, regional, and national markets.


AMEA members seek to address the challenges preventing farmers from accessing reliable markets and well-performing public and private sector services, thus, enabling famers organizations and Agri-SMEs to play their critical role towards economic and social development of farmers in Rwanda.

focus areas

  • Awareness of International Standard targeting adoption in 2025
  • Learning on RCA/AGRA/SCOPEinsight pilot to enable access to finance
  • Share experiences in Horticulture Sector, with a cross cutting focus on youth entrepreneurship and digitalization
  • Launch Learning into Action with RCA, RAB and MINAGRI. Agree 3 case studies to work on. Plan National Dialogue.

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