Benin Roadmap

In Benin, the BDS call for action was combined with the launch of the local network in 2023 which brought over 40 relevant stakeholders together. This was preceded by a cooperative landscape study commissioned by AMEA. As a result, the initial BDS Roadmap will be developed around the following: Identifying providers and beneficiaries for BDS […]

Ghana Roadmap

AMEA launched the Local Network in Ghana in 2024 but an initial Roadmap process was made possible by leadership from AGRA, Agriterra and Rikolto in the lead-up to the launch. This draft Roadmap aims to support the development of synergies between current and planned agri-BDS initiatives; and establish a platform for action learning based on […]

Ethiopia Roadmap

In Ethiopia there has been an excellent, multi-stakeholder process and a detailed Roadmap for 2023-2025 developed. This Roadmap is now owned and led by the Ethiopian Business Advisory Service Providers Association (EBASPA). The seven pillars of this Roadmap are:   Quality of Agri-BDS provision benchmarked Online portal for BDS services, providers, and other stakeholders developed […]

Uganda Roadmap

Uganda is ahead of other countries in that it already has a National BDS Framework in place. This is available for download through the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The overall objective and pillars of the Framework are shown below. The first movers under this Framework are AMI/PSFU who have enabled 2 BDS […]

Côte d’Ivoire Roadmap

The development and improvement of the Agri-BDS system in Côte d’Ivoire will address three major issues:   Ensure the quality of people, coaches and service provision Improve synergies by implementing a mechanism to encourage coordination between existing BDS providers Achieve scalability by sharing cost-effective approaches and programmes reaching a wide range of FOs and Agri-SMEs […]

Honduras Roadmap

The Honduras BDS Roadmap process is still at an early stage but is expected to progress significantly in 2024 with FUNDER taking up the role of Local Network Lead. They will build upon the 4 pillars agreed in previous discussions and use the milestones indicated below to guide the work. This Roadmap process is open […]


We are pleased to announce that AGRA (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) has joined AMEA! AGRA is a farmer-centered, African-led, and partnerships-driven institute that is transforming Africa’s smallholder farming into businesses that thrive. AGRA aims to increase incomes and improve food security for smallholder farm households in Africa. Since its establishment in 2006, […]